We are cyclists. We live in the Okanagan.
We love to share both those things
with our guests.

The Giro Okanagan family is a pretty varied lot. We come for a lot of different backgrounds and have accumulated different life experiences. But we all have two things in common: we love cycling and we love the Okanagan. If you'd like to learn a little more about us, this is the place!



Just ask any grand tour rider how important his team is and you'll understand why we're so proud of this particular team. Together, they have a massive amount of cycling experience (we decided not to actually figure it out, because it got too depressing for the senior members of the team). You'll also notice, in reading through their bios , that there seems to be a common obsession with cold beers after hot rides.

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Your Host - Gord Hotchkiss

I was inspired to start Giro Okanagan after a number of world wide cycling holidays, including a week in the cycling resort destination of Riccione, Italy. I have lived and cycled in the Okanagan for almost 30 years. I recently retired after founding one of the top digital advertising agencies in North America. I still write regularly about technology, strategy and human behaviours (if this turns your intellectual crank, check out my blog - www.outofmygord.com), but today, I prefer time on the saddle to time in an office. The picture above was taken when a friend (right) and I (left) cycled BC's beautiful Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island in 2016. 

The giro okanagan Vision

In this short video (about 4 minutes) Giro founder Gord Hotchkiss explains the vision behind Giro Okanagan and how we emphasis experience above all.

Giro okanagan and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Giro Okanagan has also partnered with other businesses in our region to continue to enhance and develop the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. Learn more about this BC Remarkable experience in this 7 minute video.