Cycling just doesn't get any    BETTER THAN THIS

Cycling just doesn't get any 


cycling heaven

The South Okanagan is a cycling mecca. We're home to hundreds of road cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes. International cycling and athletic events such as the Prospera Granfondo Axel Merckx and Challenge Penticton call this region home. Ironman Canada was born here. Of course, we're also on a featured stretch of the TransCanada Trail, with the historic Kettle Valley Rail Trail.  There is a tremendous variety of terrain, exceptional scenery, challenging climbs and rolling backcountry lanes. In short, if you love cycling, it just doesn't get any better than this. 

Our Cycling Region - Click to enlarge

Our Cycling Region - Click to enlarge

3 levels of cycling

These are vacations geared for cycling enthusiasts. We assume that anyone choosing a cycling vacation will be pretty familiar with cycling and have a base level of experience and conditioning*. This is the Okanagan, which means climbing is all part of the experience. That said, no matter how much experience you have, cycling is a lot more enjoyable when the routes and pace are a good match for your ability. At Giro Okanagan, we group our rides in 3 different levels:

Casual - These rides use recreational paths when available, are meant for hybrid bikes, include more destination stops and are generally from 35 to 55 kilometers in length each day.

Scenic - These rides are primarily on roads, are meant for road bikes and are longer in length (65 - 90 km). The pace is moderate and we include a number of destination stops.

Avid - These rides are meant for road bikes and include significant climbs and longer distances (80 - 120 km). The pace is faster and we keep stops to a minimum.

* Any cyclist on a Giro Vacation should be comfortable riding 40 - 60 km, climbing 400 meters and riding in moderate traffic.

You'll be amazed at what you'll find..   WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ROAD BEHIND

You'll be amazed at what you'll find..



In the Okanagan, some of the best destinations are beyond the pavement. That's why we include a mix of both off-road and road cycling in our packages. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail and the TransCanada Trail are not to be missed. We even make it easier to broaden your cycling horizons with our GiroFlex Rental option. 

Like Climbing?
You're in the Right Valley

What's the first thing cyclists always talk about after a great ride? The big climb of the day. We'll give you plenty to talk about. We're in a mountain valley, so climbing is just part of the charm of an Okanagan cycling vacation. If you're a KOM enthusiast, ask us about Green Mountain and Apex, the See Ya Later Wall, the Richter and Anarchist Passes, Carmi, Giant's Head and Mount Baldy.