No Two Cyclists are the Same.
Why Should Cycling Vacations
be any Different?

Small group sizes that lead to more natural connections. Hand curated experiences that show you a side of the Okanagan you probably wouldn't discover on your own. Tailor made vacations that allow us to individually cater to the preferences of each group. Carefully selected and tested cycling routes that are the perfect match for your own cycling abilities and level of challenge. These are the things that set a Giro Okanagan Vacation apart.


Every Week is a Different Experience

This is not a cookie cutter vacation. Well before you arrive, we'll be in touch to learn exactly what types of things you'd love to do when you're here. We'll ask you about what activities you would like to do, what foods you enjoy, what type of cyclist you are, what wines or beers are your favorites and what types of attractions and destinations you like to explore. Then we custom design the itinerary based on the preferences of the group and what unique offerings are available that week. We want your Giro holiday to fit you like it was made for you - because it is!

Meet our Guides and the... GIRO OKANAGAN FAMILY    Learn More

Meet our Guides and the...GIRO OKANAGAN FAMILY

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Small Group Sizes

We keep our maximum group size to just 20 guests in any one week. We also ensure that we always have at least one guide for every 5 guests when we're on the road (or trail). We believe that when it comes to cycling groups - smaller is better (and safer). It also gives you a better chance to get to know your guide and fellow cyclists. 

The Okanagan offers...   incredible cycling  Learn More

The Okanagan offers...

incredible cyclingLearn More

Cycling suited to you

We match our groups to 3 different levels of cycling - Casual (hybrid bikes, more stops, 35 - 50 km routes, moderate pace), Scenic (road bikes, fewer stops, 65 - 90 km routes, intermediate pace) and Avid (road bikes, minimal stops, 75 - 120 km routes, fast pace). You always have the option to move up or down a level any time you want. 

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