A G.O. Event - sept 25, 2019

Special One Day Event with G.O. Cycling Experiences
Sourced and Cycled with Start Fresh Kitchen.

Only 14 spots available!


We know our place…

Intimately. Exhaustively. Our place is the Okanagan. And it’s the only place where Giro Okanagan offers cycling tours. Other tour companies take you around the world. And that’s wonderful (we’re big fans of cycling no matter where it is). But that’s not what we do. We focus exclusively on this Valley. We are constantly looking for new routes, new partners, new stories and new experiences right here in our backyard. You know, the kind of things most people who live here haven’t discovered yet. Then we curate them into exceptional cycling vacations.

Welcome to Our Valley

This is a cycling destination you won't soon forget. Towering mountain climbs through the pine tree forests. Cruises through vineyards and orchards that sweep down to sparkling lakes. Riding a historic rail line that hugs the ridges above Canada's most favoured valley. All this - well seasoned with an immersive and intimate guided introduction to one of the great travel destinations in the world. 


It’s Here! The 2019 Season… 

This year, we’re introducing new ways of exploring and experiencing the Okanagan, including planned cycling retreats, completely customizable bespoke cycling vacations and Giro’s single day tours.

Giro Cycling Retreats


Osoyoos Explorer Cycling Retreat
Sept 30 - Oct 4

Explore the South Okanagan, Boundary Country and the Similkameen. Our base will be Watermark Waterfront Resort.


Built Exclusively for You

Build your cycling vacation from the ground up with a Giro Bespoke Vacation. If you have a group of 4 or more, we’ll work with you to tailor the perfect Okanagan cycling experience.




Giro Day Tours