Imagine a valley...

Where the sun shines on both vineyards and pine tree forests. Where the lakes seem to go on forever. Where quiet roads roll gently, then climb to meet the sky. Where artisans become fiercely protective of the land and passionate about what it provides. This is the Okanagan - a place blessed by nature, cherished by cyclists, acclaimed by the world and waiting to be discovered by you.

Let us introduce you in a way only we can...


Introduction Video

This short (about 4 minute) video introduces you to Giro's founder - Gord Hotchkiss - and the Giro Okanagan philosophy. Learn more about what makes the Okanagan such a special place for cyclists and hear from some of the Giro Experience partners.


Giro's Unique "Hub and Spoke" Experience

With a Giro Okanagan vacation, you are in the same location for your entire stay. You don't have to worry about packing and unpacking. Each day, our guides will take you on another route that allows you to explore a different aspect of the region. This allows for maximum flexibility and freedom. If you're travelling with someone who cycles at a different level than you, you can both have a great day of riding and meet up for lunch, afternoon activities and dinner in the evening. You can also vary the level you cycle at, hitting it hard with the Avid group one day and then relaxing a bit more with the casual or scenic group the next. Even if you have a non-cyclist in your group, we'll ensure they have an amazing time while you're out on the road.


superb cycling meets "slow travel"

Giro Vacations are all about slowing down and soaking in your surroundings. It's about discovering the things that normally you would pass right by. We've scoured the valley for experiences and destinations that most people who live here don't know about. We give you the opportunity to make real connections with the people who make the Okanagan the incredible place it is. Let us be your host and guide to a very special corner of the world. Visit us once and you'll be back.