10 Cycling Regions - Endless Possibilities

We've divided the Okanagan into 10 distinct riding regions. No matter which package you pick, you'll explore many of these regions during your time with us. 

For a more complete itinerary and route maps specific to your vacation, request a detailed itinerary.

1 - Myra Canyon and Kettle Valley Railroad

This is off-road country! We climb up the historic route of the Kettle Valley Railway from Naramata and climb up to the famous Myra Canyon Trestles. Casual, Scenic and Challenging options available.

2 - Summerland, Transcanada Trail, Garnett Lake and Peachland

Mix of spectacular routes, including the wineries and orchards of Summerland and Giant's Head, the TransCanada Trail, the Garnett Lake Road to Peachland and a spectacular cruise back to Summerland on Highway 97 overlooking Lake Okanagan. Casual, Scenic and Challenging options available.

3 - Naramata Bench

Explore the scenic Naramata bench and it's wineries. Plenty of stops and sight seeing opportunities. Primarily Casual and Scenic, but some Challenging Routes will also go through Naramata.

4 - penticton (Home Base)

All our tours begin and end in downtown Penticton, but some of the Casual routes also explore this beautiful little city. Ride along either Skaha or Okanagan Lake, along the Channel Trail that connects the two or explore some of the scenic areas that overlook the city.

5 -  Kaleden & Green Mountain

This region is home to one of the most challenging yet scenic climbs in the Okanagan - the 1000 meters of vertical on Green Mountain Road. After you've conquered the mountain, you can choose an easy descent back to the little lakeside village of Kaleden, or extend your loop and come back through Okanagan Falls. Primarily Challenging, with some shorter Casual and Scenic routes.

6 - White Lake

More climbing and unforgettable scenery in this region. Explore the rolling ranchlands above the Okanagan Valley and visit the HIA-Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory at White Lake. Primarily Challenging and Scenic Routes, with some Casual Routes lower in the valley.

7 - Okanagan Falls and Vaseaux Lake

This section has some of the most scenic lake rides in the region. Ride along the east side of Skaha Lake down to the small village of Okanagan Falls. Take a short detour up into the ranchlands above the lake. Then, continue south along the picture postcardbeautiful Vaseaux Lake, complete with vineyards and mountain goats. Primarily casual and scenic routes with relatively moderate climbs. Challenging routes will also go through this section.

8 - Keremeos and Cawston

On the west side of the Valley, the routes climb into the higher, dryer grasslands and rolling ranch country around the small towns of Keremeos and Cawston. This region is included in some of our longer routes and is generally for the Scenic and Challenging routes. There are some moderately challenging climbs.

9 - oliver, n'kmip and anarchist summit

This region brings you a rich mix of cycling options. For Scenic and Challenging riders, you can follow the quiet Tuc-El-Nuit and Black Sage drives through the vineyards and wineries of the Oliver Benchlands all the way to Osoyoos. Then, when you get to the semi-desert ecosystem, you can make a fascinating stop at the N'Kmip Desert Cultural Centre. Then, if you're up for the challenge, take on the 1000 plus meter climb to the Anarchist Summit. For Casual Riders, we can shuttle you down to the gentle Osoyoos bike path for a relaxed tour of the wineries in the region.

10 - osoyoos

This is the furthest south of our routes. In some places we'll be in sight of the US-Canada border. We'll descend from the upper grasslands of the west Okanagan down into Canada's most temperate town and warmest lake - Osoyoos. Then, you can either chose to cross the lake and take on the Anarchist Summit, or take a leisurely ride back north through the bountiful orchards and vineyards between Osoyoos and Oliver. All level cyclists can visit this section (Casual via shuttle).