A Giro Cycling Vacation - Defined

We designed Giro Cycling Vacations based on three fundamental principles: Flexibility, Experience and Personal Connections.

First, let's talk about Flexibility. Giro Cycling Vacations are based on a "hub and spoke" model. You stay in the same resort for your entire vacation - there's no worrying about packing and unpacking. Our guides will take on you a different route each day to explore a different aspect of the Okanagan. Sometimes we'll use our Giro shuttle to transport you and your bike to a different starting location so you get to see as much of our valley as possible. This model also allows you to ride at your own pace - with three levels of cycling offered. Our "Cycle-Flex" program also gives you the chance to try both road and off-road routes while you're here.

Secondly: Experience. We carefully craft each package to highlight the best of our region. We've hand curated your experience to give you a uniquely intimate view of the Okanagan.

And finally, Personal Connections. From our hosts to our guides to the other Giro Guests to our Vacation Experience Partners - our goal is to forge connections that will last your lifetime.

Okanagan immersion

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Discover the Okanagan

GIRO Style!

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This is our home. We've spent a lifetime exploring every hidden nook and cranny of this valley, most often on a bike. Our mission is to share all the best of what we've learned with you. That could be the exclusive private 4 course dinner at Backyard Farms, a hike to a hidden waterfall, or that once in a lifetime view on the route that most visitors never find. That's the Giro Mission - Cycling + Immersive Experiences.

Our Guides

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Meet Some Great People


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What can we say about our guides? They're amazing. There's a lot to love about a Giro cycling vacation but our guides consistently get top marks for their knowledge, support, guidance and companionship. They do this because they love it and that enthusiasm is easy to see. After all, who wouldn't want to spend their days cycling the Okanagan with a new group of friends every week?

Giro Support

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We've got your back...


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Whether it's meeting you at a remote rest stop with a gourmet picnic lunch, transporting your wine purchases back to your villa, providing road side repairs or a shuttle ride when needed, Giro Okanagan backs you up with unparalleled support every minute and every kilometer. We're here for you.