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Glenfir - Naramata - Poplar Grove

wednesday, June 12


9:00 am - Pick up at Burrowing Owl

10:00 am - drive to Glenfir

10:30 am - ride to hillside winery

12:30 pm - Lunch at hillside winery

1:30 pm - Ride to Poplar Grove

1:45 pm - cheese/wine tasting at poplar grove

2:15 pm - ride to D’Angelos

2:30 pm - Wine tasting at D’Angelos

3:30 pm - optional ride and stop at Roche winery

5:00 pm - Free Time at Burrowing Owl (depends on whether we visit Roche

7 pm - Dinner at convivia bistro

This ride is all about contrasts. We start at rustic Chute Lake Resort, in the remote Okanagan highlands and ride down the historic Kettle Valley Railway, through engineer Andrew McCulloch's huge switchback, needed to maintain the required grade while dropping over 3000 feet down to Penticton. Near the end, we ride through the scenic Naramata bench and the many wineries and artisan food crafters. Here, our tour turns into a sampling of the best the Okanagan has to offer.

Our Tour