We know our place…

Intimately. Exhaustively. Our place is the Okanagan. And it’s the only place where Giro Okanagan offers cycling tours. Other tour companies take you around the world. And that’s wonderful (we’re big fans of cycling no matter where it is). But that’s not what we do. We focus exclusively on this Valley. We are constantly looking for new routes, new partners, new stories and new experiences right here in our backyard. You know, the kind of things most people who live here haven’t discovered yet. Then we curate them into exceptional cycling vacations.

Welcome to Our Valley

This is a cycling destination you won't soon forget. Towering mountain climbs through the pine tree forests. Cruises through vineyards and orchards that sweep down to sparkling lakes. Riding a historic rail line that hugs the ridges above Canada's most favoured valley. All this - well seasoned with an immersive and intimate guided introduction to one of the great travel destinations in the world. 


It’s Here! The 2019 Season… 

This year, we’re introducing new ways of exploring and experiencing the Okanagan, including planned cycling retreats, completely customizable bespoke cycling vacations and Giro’s single day tours.

Giro Cycling Retreats


Osoyoos Explorer Cycling Retreat
Sept 30 - Oct 4

Explore the South Okanagan, Boundary Country and the Similkameen. Our base will be Watermark Waterfront Resort.


Built Exclusively for You

Build your cycling vacation from the ground up with a Giro Bespoke Vacation. If you have a group of 4 or more, we’ll work with you to tailor the perfect Okanagan cycling experience.




Giro Day Tours


Love our Rides, Love our Valley…

We love our Valley. But We’re not alone. With every ride, every meal, every experience, Giro makes new fans. But don’t take our word for it. Let them tell you themselves.

The Tradable Bits team

We hosted a cycling retreat for the Tradable Bits team and worked a little Giro magic on them - turning them into lifelong believers. Here is their testimony!

mentioned on Rough Guides in their feature: Things to do in British Columbia: 7 scenic excursions from Vancouver.

Straight from TripAdvisor

A Giro Cycling Vacation - Defined

We designed Giro Cycling Vacations based on three fundamental principles: Flexibility, Experience and Personal Connections.

First, let's talk about Flexibility. Giro Cycling Vacations are based on a "hub and spoke" model. You stay in the same resort for your entire vacation - there's no worrying about packing and unpacking. Our guides will take on you a different route each day to explore a different aspect of the Okanagan. Sometimes we'll use our Giro shuttle to transport you and your bike to a different starting location so you get to see as much of our valley as possible. This model also allows you to ride at your own pace - with three levels of cycling offered. Our "Cycle-Flex" program also gives you the chance to try both road and off-road routes while you're here.

Secondly: Experience. We carefully craft each package to highlight the best of our region. We've hand curated your experience to give you a uniquely intimate view of the Okanagan.

And finally, Personal Connections. From our hosts to our guides to the other Giro Guests to our Vacation Experience Partners - our goal is to forge connections that will last your lifetime.

Okanagan immersion

Discover the Okanagan   GIRO Style!    Learn More

Discover the Okanagan

GIRO Style!

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This is our home. We've spent a lifetime exploring every hidden nook and cranny of this valley, most often on a bike. Our mission is to share all the best of what we've learned with you. That could be the exclusive private 4 course dinner at Backyard Farms, a hike to a hidden waterfall, or that once in a lifetime view on the route that most visitors never find. That's the Giro Mission - Cycling + Immersive Experiences.

Our Guides

Meet Some Great People   THE GIRO FAMILY    Learn More

Meet Some Great People


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What can we say about our guides? They're amazing. There's a lot to love about a Giro cycling vacation but our guides consistently get top marks for their knowledge, support, guidance and companionship. They do this because they love it and that enthusiasm is easy to see. After all, who wouldn't want to spend their days cycling the Okanagan with a new group of friends every week?

Giro Support

We've got your back...   EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY, EVERY RIDE    Learn More

We've got your back...


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Whether it's meeting you at a remote rest stop with a gourmet picnic lunch, transporting your wine purchases back to your villa, providing road side repairs or a shuttle ride when needed, Giro Okanagan backs you up with unparalleled support every minute and every kilometer. We're here for you.

It's all About the Cycling - Naturally

It's a cycling vacation. The cycling should be amazing. Here in the Okanagan, it is.

giroflexArtboard 1@2x.png

There are a couple things that set us apart. First, our unique "Hub and Spoke" model means that everyone can ride at their own pace. You pick the level of cycling that best matches your ability. We carefully plan routes so that even if you and your partner cycle at different levels, we all end up at the same place for many rest stops and all lunch stops.

Secondly, the Okanagan offers amazing road and off-road cycling. With our unique "GiroFlex" program, we'll give you the chance to do both without hauling an extra bike or equipment. We don't let anything get between you and a great ride!

Great Road Cycling

Discover why the Okanagan is   Road Bike Heaven

Discover why the Okanagan is

Road Bike Heaven

The Okanagan offers some of the best road biking in Canada. The valley offers a huge variety of terrain, scenery and challenges. From grinding climbs to gentle cruises along the lake, sweeping vineyard runs to riding along a stream as you ascend through a lush forest, there's a reason why we were included in Chris Santella's book, 50 Places to Bike Before You Die. Add us to your cycling Bucket List and you won't be disappointed!

Amazing Off-Road Opportunities

Some of Our Best Views are   Beyond the Pavement

Some of Our Best Views are

Beyond the Pavement

This isn't just about road biking. Some of the Okanagan's best cycling lies off the beaten (or paved) path. Penticton lies at the intersection of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail to the east through Naramata and the TransCanada Trail to the west through Summerland. We include some spectacular off road riding in all our packages (a lot of the Casual routes use off-road paths for some of the ride) and we remove the worry of hauling extra bikes with our GiroFlex program. 


Another Day ... Another Ride...

Giro Okanagan also offers our Giro di Giorno Day Tours. Get a sampling of what a full Giro Vacation would be like. Each day, we pick a different destination to explore. Packages start at $99 and include a fully guided tour and your lunch. Bike rentals from our fleet are also available.

Below is just a sample of some of our Daily Destinations:


Naramata and penticton

The Naramata Bench is one of the most scenic wine regions of the world. It also happens to be a spectacular place to cycle. We'll take you on the backroads from Penticton to Naramata with a spectacular sampling of wines, a visit to the Village of Naramata and a spectacular winery patio lunch. 


the kettle valley rail trail

This is the one you've heard about - the Jewel of Okanagan Cycling! We'll shuttle you up to the trestles of Myra Canyon near Kelowna and you'll cruise all the way back to Penticton along the historic Kettle Valley Rail line. Our lunch stop is at the rustic Chute Lake Resort.

See ya later big.jpg

the south okanagan

We call it the "Golden Mile" - where the valley stretches out to accommodate some of the best vineyards in the world. Between you and us, it's also home to the best cycling in the Okanagan. The scenic rollers of Tuc-el-nuit and Black Sage Roads - the classic climbs of Fairview or the See Ya Later Wall - and the local legend of Area 51. 

These are just a few of our g.o. Cycling Experiences...